To branch

To reach, to grow, to break. To be alone. But also to belong, to hold, to partake. To be strong.

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Thursday 04 March 2021. Morning

Last night I watched a BBC documentary about the Stonehenge, and a recent discovery that the bluestones that originated from southern Wales had originally stood in their own stone circle closer to the original quarry. The tv team followed the archaeologists for years, as they dug and tested the soil of several possible sites, until... Continue Reading →

Friday 26 February 2021. Evening

The mornings are lighter, the evenings are longer. The load might be the same, but I'm getting stronger. I've returned to the river. It's the earliest I've ever started my regular swims in the year. It's cold of course, but refreshing in a way that will start to dispel as spring brings warmth and summer.... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 16 February 2021. Evening

For Valentine's, my sister made me a profile on her new Disney+ account. In the 48 hours since then, I've watched the live action version of Lady and the Tramp four times. Plus a few of my favourite bits in bed before going to sleep. It's not like I'm addicted or anything, I swear I... Continue Reading →

Thursday purpose

Frozen February sunrise, Cambridge, 2021 photo by Jessica Zarins I'm getting seriously sick of lockdown. And I really shouldn't have espresso with post-dinner profiteroles when it's not at a restaurant that I have to leave and can walk off before I try and sleep. After a few weeks of good sleep the old ghosts reappeared... Continue Reading →

Monday 08 February 2021. Evening

At an open writing group meeting a week and a half ago there was a discussion around setting achievable goals and realistic boundaries. Being by nature a dreamer, I can find this difficult. But not doing it can be devastating. Worker, writer, warrior; healthy and happy. I want to be them all. I want to... Continue Reading →

Monday 25 January 2021. Morning

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, 25 January 2021. Photo by Jessica Zarins It’s light in Cambridge at seven thirty in the morning now. Today is a particularly good day to experience it; crisp, cold and clear you notice every photon making its way through the universe. The grass, the mud, the stone and the asphalt are... Continue Reading →

Thursday 14 January 2021. Pheasants

Halfway through the first twelfth of the year. Grey and wet, in the ground and in the air, in case we forget. A Moomintroll-like melancholy seeps its way through the house, infecting us all, like a slow, local pandemic that takes root wherever there's life. We build obstacle courses and give ourselves war paint in... Continue Reading →

Sunday 10 January 2021. Afternoon

Trying to stave off the sense of hopelessness. Trying to think of gratitude and opportunity and possibility. A friend sent me a queue calculator of when I could be expected to get the vaccine. Since I'm luck enough to be young, not have any underlying conditions and don't work in frontline care, I probably won't... Continue Reading →

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