Saturday 23 March 2019. Morning

An Uncle and Auntie are visiting from Sweden. We stayed with them in January before the funeral, now they’ve come for a Cambridge weekend. We will go punting and visit Kettle’s Yard and the colleges. We will not go to London.

Family time is important this weekend. Last week, while I was on holiday in three European countries, my father was diagnosed with one blood clot in his leg, and two in his lungs. As en EU citizen, he received world-class care for free at Cambridge University Hospital. I’m glad he didn’t discover the clots after 29 March. He is on the mend now, and will accompany us around town on his bike instead of by foot.

So we will not go to London. As a middle-class millennial, full of melancholy and surrounded by misinformation, I instead drink my Italian coffee, eat my French apricot jam and Swiss cheese for breakfast, listening to a German composer and following the People’s March on Twitter. I am part of but outside. I engage but not directly. I feel so strongly but I protect myself with my screen. Today, family comes first.

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