Happy Easter

It’s shave your legs and paint your nails kind of weather. It’s as if the air isn’t just air; it’s too full of sun warmth, bird song and green smell.

Easter should be what marks the new year. It’s the time of rebirth and renewal. I can mark it as my new year. My birthday is in early April so I am reborn each year close to Easter.

This year it marks the end of a year of death and endings. I am still grieving over the loss of a lover and several family members. But as the sun warms me, I find myself believing in new life.

I am a heathen. I’m proud to be so. But Easter is my favourite holiday, and I celebrate it for the same reasons as my brothers and sisters singing hymns between decorated stone walls.

I believe in the resurrection, I believe in the sun and the holy spirits. I believe in the sharing of bread and wine, and I believe in the saviour within me.

A new year, a new life, has begun.

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