Monday 24 June 2019. Afternoon

Bringing your whole self into work

Someone told me that people should bring their whole selves into work. Rather than just bringing part of ourselves and our capacity, we should bring all aspects of ourselves – hobbies, dreams, families – to work, and make work part of life, and life part of work. This is meant to make you feel that you’re never ‘working’, just living.

I am at work for the money. I bring the part of me that worries about money, and the required concentration and energy. My passions, my interests and my dreams I have been leaving between the sheets of my notebook.

To have a job that is part of my life, a life that is part of my work, would be a dream job. If my bread and butter could be also be what I tell my grandkids about, I would consider my career a success. But so far this is still a dream, waiting between the sheets of my notebook until I come home from work, until my dream may come true.

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