Sunday 21 September. Morning

It’s warm but it’s cloudy. The birds sing as I drink my tea in the garden. I don’t need sunglasses, or a jumper.

Soon I will go inside and start writing. I think I’ve solved the pacing problems in chapter 3 of the novella. But who knows, maybe it’s all terrible. I’m hoping to continue where I left off yesterday, and finish chapter 3. It’s the longest chapter of the book, where all the action is in the dialogue. My characters and my readers will get to know each other here.

With breakfast I read Traveller of the Century (2009) by Andrés Neuman. It has some very inspiring dialogue, and fascinating ideas on literature, language and translation. It reminds me that any text is a collaboration between writer and reader. I cannot and must not control how my text is read, but invite the reader to make the text alive through their own interpretation.

Thus encouraged, I go to my desk.

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