Monday 23 September 2019. Equinox

It smells like autumn outside, and it was dark when my alarm went off. By the time I leave for the river, it’s just light enough to see colours.

The kayak man is there for a swim too. We’re friends now. I know his name and he knows mine. We chat as we swim, I tell him about my clown dream. Then I go to work.

On my lunch break I read, take a walk and pick an apple. I stroke a cat behind the University Press. The sun shines on the brown chestnut leaves on the ground and it gives off the sweet smell of warmth and old age.

After work I make tea and sit to write. I finish the next section of Chapter 3, and realise there’s a theme of death and desire in my book. Just as in life.

I watch Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN and wish someone would actually take her seriously and act, rather than just admire or follow her.

I decide to be stricter with my veganism, and make sure that I attend the Extinction Rebellion meeting I’ve been invited to on Thursday.

Today is a day of equality, but it will only get darker from here.

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