Wednesday 5 February 2020. Morning

Sleep was hard to come by after the neighbour brought home an overnight visitor.

It made me grumpy in the morning, and getting up was hard too. Though presumably not as hard as the neighbour.

I managed to leave by seven. It wasn’t light, but not still dark. It looks like it might get brighter after all.

And by the river, for the first time since the clocks went back in October, I meet kayak-man! He’s been working, and not swimming since December. He looked well, and was there for another canoe trip up the river. He told me about a barn owl he’s seen a few time up towards Grantchester. The everyday magic of nature, chance encounters and connections with other life, is what makes it worth it. So fragile, so rare, so threatened by digitalisms and decline. In the months I hadn’t seen him, I hadn’t realised what I was missing.

And that’s how I learnt that he is a canoe-man, and not a kayak-man.

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