Distancing: Day 26

Last year, for my 31st birthday, a friend gave me a book of 30 essays on travelling, called Hot to Travel. With the book ha gave me the challenge of writing the 31st essay myself, for the corresponding birthday.

I finished the book, and wrote my own essay on it, the day before my 32nd birthday, at a time when we are able or allowed to travel very far at all.

At first I thought I’d publish my short musings on my blog, but instead I decided to save it, and put the book away until I find it at some point in the future, and read it as a letter from myself at an exceptional time in history, and in my life. It’s a time to ponder other kinds of journeys; internal, imaginary, spiritual. And to question the value of conquering and consumerism – tourism essentially being the visiting of places without ever understanding them.

The journey of discovery I went to with my housemates by the open fire one late evening this week brought us all closer together. The journey of understanding I’ve gone on by reading more than I normally think I have time for. The journey of adventure I’ve been on in my front room by rewatching a family television series.

They’re all equally as valid and valuable as any physical journey I might have undertaken, because validity and value are attributes bestowed on experiences only by ourselves.

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