Distancing: Day 36

Conversations and imaginings of how the lockdown will end have started floated around. How does it end, for it not to end in a new beginning of a new wave?

Germany, Norway and Denmark, even parts of Spain, have started easing the rules. Parts of East Asia are returning to normal, while Singapore have had to revert into it. In the US people are demonstrating for their rights to not be in lockdown, i.e. their right to be sick and to spread their sickness. Nothing new under the sun.

People in care homes are dying from it, or from unrelated, treatable causes because they do not go to hospitals. There is a lack of doctors available to go to care homes to determine the cause of death and issue death certificates.

Despite the environmental improvements during the absence of human activity, iceless summers in the Arctic will soon become a reality whether we take climate action or not.

I consider myself lucky to be where I am, yet sometimes it’s impossible to not be affected by the bleakness of it all.

Tonight I’m going to watch TV and have crisps and pre-mixed cocktails for dinner.

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