Tuesday 16 February 2021. Evening

For Valentine’s, my sister made me a profile on her new Disney+ account. In the 48 hours since then, I’ve watched the live action version of Lady and the Tramp four times. Plus a few of my favourite bits in bed before going to sleep.

It’s not like I’m addicted or anything, I swear I can stop anytime I like. It’s just that the cute romance, familiar story but with a new look and updated humour, and the lack of problematic racial and ethnic representation, offers the kind of warmth and simplicity that I crave into my very soul. Plus they’re talking dogs! Who fall in love! What’s not to like?

The whole idea of getting to know someone new, discovering a city for the first time, going on a date and listening to music, having an adventure and falling in love… it all feels so distant and impossible in real life, that it’s exactly what I need in my day-dreaming life.

So please, give me more talking dogs on dates. Let me pretend that I’m one of them, and please don’t judge me. And please don’t tell my parents, or my boss, as I promise I only do it in very small doses, and it’s not affecting my work, or my relationships, or my perception of reality, and I KNOW I can stop anytime I want.

I just don’t want to.

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