Spring Equinox

Spring time for Cambridge. Photo by Jessica Zarins, March 2021

A day of balance in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and night, the tilt of the planet, light and dark — all in perfect harmony for one spin around the axis.

Personally I’m a bit off balance after last night’s zoom drinks. I’m preparing a new piece, shorter this time, and find myself thinking about roots and branches, the linearity and depth of time. Instinct and rationalism are struggling to work together at the moment, when what I want is at odds with what I see. It’s not impossible that my instinct and my hopes are reading the situation right, but the evidence against them need to be listened to, to avoid disappointment and sorrow.

Drinking tea by the river; hot and cold liquid, one linear and one vertical. I need more equilibrium. Maybe I need to go home and lie down.

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