May the Fourth be with you

The late coming of spring and warmth reminds me of the even later, slower and colder springs of a Nordic childhood. The freshness prolonged, the miracle of returning life stretched out. As the days grow lighter, the load gets lighter. Even under my thick winter coat. I’m relieved at the approach of spring and the end of lockdown, but I miss my family.

Checking the news each day for updates on travel advice for Europe this summer I feel like Luke watching the double sunset over the dunes of Tatooine; desperately longing for change, adventure and purpose, knowing that I’m destined for more than the never-ending sameness in front of me.

So many things, most of them out of my control, will influence my ability to see my family this year. So many things out of my control will determine whether anything I write will be published. So many people, decisions and actions constantly influence all aspects of my life, and the life of the planet and its creatures. But our words, decisions and actions also influence other people, and the planet and its creatures. Little by little, we can make a difference; the difference we can make. But it requires determination and belief; a force.

One word at a time I create something that’s bigger than my current reality. I read about other writers and feel part of a community even when I’m not writing. Slowly I let the words bud and become what they’re meant to be, form part of something else. So do my decisions regarding travel, diet, work. I choose to write and do the right thing. I plan and work with the hope that external circumstances will align. Like stars.

So as the buds of May blossom, may that inner force of transformation also be with you.

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