Another an’ ‘nother round

Went to the Arts Picturehouse to see Another Round. It’s cheaper on Mondays, and my membership has been extended because of Covid. It’s been nearly a year since I was last in the cinema, to watch Tenet.

And the trip to the cinema, and the film itself, made me happy with my commitment to celebrate the small things in like. Like getting a cinema ticket for less than £6, watching a good film, and then walking home bare-legged in the warm sunset. Knowing that I could run the rest of the route home, but decide not do it.

The taste of a perfectly ripe fruit outside. The opening tunes of a favourite dance song and my knee starting to twitch. The complete abandon in the dance.

The four friends in the film might have thought that this is the words of some nun who needs a shot of booze and a shot of one of them, but it’s quite the opposite. The moment to moment joy of sex, the taste and affect of alcohol, they’re all part of it. Another round of the lovely things in life. And another, and another.

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