Hebrides-bound on freedom day

Bought whiskey and shortbread in Inverness yesterday as snacks for the rest of the week. Travelled most of the length of the UK, but have at least as many hours of travelling today.

Red line (Cambridge-Gatwick-Inverness) was my journey yesterday. Blue line (Inverness-Ullapool-Stornoway) is my journey today.

Today really is freedom day. I’ll arrive in Stornoway for a five-day whale and dolphin watching cruise. I’m glad I’m in Scotland right now, where masks and social distancing are still mandatory.

I had breakfast, took two seasickness pills and had a poo, but am still a bit anxious about projectiling food for the fishes onboard the ferry. The coach journey from Inverness was stunning, listened to a podcast to keep my mind out of my stomach and tried not to get too lost in the landscape that reminds me of home.

On the ferry now, at the bow observation deck, waiting for the cafe to open. A nap, a tea, and the magic of the fjords should sort me out. I need to start trusting my sea legs.

Observation deck at CalMac ferry from Ullapool. Photo by Jessica Zarins, July 2021

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