Latvia 2018 –– Four

Zvaigžņu ceļā. Riga, 08 July 2018 Running for the tram on the cobbles worn slippery from century of use makes me think of the ending of Doctor Zhivago. We just make it before it leaves the Opera towards Mežaparks. As we leave Centrs with its shops, tourists, gambling rooms, advert screens, derelict houses, graffiti and road... Continue Reading →

Latvia 2018 –– Three

Riga, 07 July 2018. It's Saturday and we have no concerts booked. I suggest a tour of the National Library, which two uncles and one auntie join us for. We decide to meet them by St Peters Church at 10am or just after, and when I'm not ready to leave the Airbnb for the 2... Continue Reading →

Latvia 2018 –– Two

Māras zeme. Riga 06 July 2018 The performance about to begin, we make our way to our seats. It's 10pm and the 5000 seats fill up under the greying but still light sky. The refashioned football and athletics field stands empty and prepared. As we wait the air cools but the atmosphere warms. Then, to... Continue Reading →

Latvia 2018 –– One

Riga, 06 July 2018. On the familiar cobbled streets of Old Riga I follow my father's footsteps. My mother walks next to him, and my sister and I are behind them. When I come out of the spell of conversation and look up from the cobbles I realise I have no idea where I am.... Continue Reading →


  Your experience of time is relative to where you are. In London, time is short. Maybe because there are so many people in one space sharing it, there isn’t quite enough for everyone. In rural Latvia, time is one long now where there is no point staying a step ahead, or getting bogged down... Continue Reading →

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