The entropy of anxiety

Bo Burnham and Sally Rooney are both a few years younger than me, and more talented brilliant and successful than me. But they both seem to suffer many of the same anxieties as me, as our entire generation. Natural and ecological decline, economic hardships, and political uncertainty have been the backdrop to the millennial coming... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 28 September 2021. Afternoon

Someone wrote to me: Wasn’t that the night I saw you in the theatre, I was in the cheap seats so I don’t think you saw me wave And I thought that might be the most beautiful message I’ve ever received.

News: Branches root in Epoch Press

"Some of the seeds in the bottom of the birdfeeder have sprouted, and little grasses have grown inside the plastic tube-shaped dispenser. How is that even possible without any soil? I look closer and see that the mouldy sludge at the bottom of the tube has formed some kind of nutrient base, enough for the... Continue Reading →


Hello Doctor. Hello Jessica. What seems to be the problem? I feel an existential dread and anxiety over life itself, while also fearing death; my own, my loved ones, the natural world's. I'm trapped in an abyss-like darkness of my own thinking and the inevitable decline and death of the planet and human society. Petrified... Continue Reading →

Another an’ ‘nother round

Went to the Arts Picturehouse to see Another Round. It's cheaper on Mondays, and my membership has been extended because of Covid. It's been nearly a year since I was last in the cinema, to watch Tenet. And the trip to the cinema, and the film itself, made me happy with my commitment to celebrate... Continue Reading →

A holiday adventure

Two words rumble around my dreams all night: ferie and urlaub. Different languages, none of them mine, for the same thing. The 6am alarm dispels the words and whatever meaning they might hold. The drawn up blind reveals a greyer and more humid day outside, like the mystery of the dreams and words clouding over... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 1 June 2021. Summer

It's that time I've been waiting for. Of bare feet and legs and arms only dressed in sun cream. Of explosive growth of plants and trees, air alive and active with scents, bugs, pollen, laughter, barbecue smoke and procreational urges. It's the time we've all waited for. It's time for my vaccination. In a way... Continue Reading →

May the Fourth be with you

The late coming of spring and warmth reminds me of the even later, slower and colder springs of a Nordic childhood. The freshness prolonged, the miracle of returning life stretched out. As the days grow lighter, the load gets lighter. Even under my thick winter coat. I'm relieved at the approach of spring and the... Continue Reading →

Writing dream

Last night I woke up around 1am from the strongest sensation of being rocketed up to the kosmos, and wanting to come back to earth to my body. I saw the circles of the universe and consciousness before and around me, twirling in patterns at light-speed, in a way that was impossible to control. Whether... Continue Reading →

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