Senses and elements

I sit by the dying embers of the morning fire in a cottage in Scotland. As is to be expected in November, it's grey and cold outside. Hence the early morning fire, for company, warmth and beauty. My hair and jumper smell of it, my toast and tea taste of it. It burns down quickly... Continue Reading →

Poopy phone: prose

Because of some heart palpitations, caused by stress and anxiety, I'm not drinking at the moment. So I can't even blame it on a good night, dropping my phone in the toilet. It was in my back pocket after watching Ocean's Eleven, tidying up the living room and the kitchen, and when brushing my teeth.... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox

Spring time for Cambridge. Photo by Jessica Zarins, March 2021 A day of balance in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and night, the tilt of the planet, light and dark — all in perfect harmony for one spin around the axis. Personally I’m a bit off balance after last night’s zoom drinks. I’m preparing a new... Continue Reading →


When doing what's best feels like the worst and you wake up each morning to a reality you don't want and you're older now so you handle it better than last time. You're surprised you don't overeat or drink or call in sick you handle it you exercise you write it helps but still you... Continue Reading →

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