Monday 24 January 2022. Evening

Three dresses on the bed, in ascending level of fanciness. The one on the right might be a bit much with its glitter and semi-puffed shoulder pads. It's only a birthday dinner, after all, not quite a 'party'. But it is the first birthday celebration I've been invited to outside of this house in two... Continue Reading →


Sivota Bay, Tuesday 24 August 2021. Morning There's a copy of Aesop's Fables in the boat library. The one about the Mother, the Child and the Raven sticks out to me. A mother takes her child to the seers, who predict that it will die young from a raven (Greek: korax). The mother shuts the... Continue Reading →

Distancing: Day 49

Today I got an email at work congratulating us all for having successfully kept the business running from our homes for six weeks. At the weekend we did the most lockdowny thing of lockdown: one of my housemates cut all our hair. It was very successful; we all look the same but different and the... Continue Reading →

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