Went to Riga. Came home

I've been going to Riga almost every year since 2016 (pandemic excluded). The first time I hoped for a sense of inherited belonging, that I'd feel at home in my ancestral city. It wasn't without disappointment that I realised that I'm not Latvian, but Swedish-Latvian, and don't belong in Riga, but belong where I create... Continue Reading →

Belong by not belonging

I went sailing in Sweden. My sister took me to waters and landscapes from when we were children. I wished those who never truly saw me could see me there; in my element, my environment. Perhaps they would understand more about me then. Perhaps I could understand more about myself there. I returned to Cambridge... Continue Reading →

On moving

It was a process spread over phone calls and meet ups, so there is no specific date attached to it. But the year-day is here over the middle weeks of May, of when I split from the person who meant my most, and the person I was with him. Today I will remember one year... Continue Reading →

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