“He knew, though, that the prize of his intactness was incompleteness”

Excerpt from Tender is the Night, F. S. Fitzgerald, 1934. This edition: Penguin Classics, 2010, p. 125. Photo: J. Zarins, 2022 I don't believe that we ever become complete, or finished, or actually ever grow up. At least I believe that people who do, are unhappy, boring, and unhealthy for themselves and their surroundings. This... Continue Reading →

Thursday purpose

Frozen February sunrise, Cambridge, 2021 photo by Jessica Zarins I'm getting seriously sick of lockdown. And I really shouldn't have espresso with post-dinner profiteroles when it's not at a restaurant that I have to leave and can walk off before I try and sleep. After a few weeks of good sleep the old ghosts reappeared... Continue Reading →

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