Snow over King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, December 2022. Photo by Jessica Zarins It snowed. It stayed. It melted and refroze and snowed some more. Nature reminded us she’s still here. Have faith, have hope. Live with her, and fight for her. Swimmers and kayaker in the river Cam by Sheeps Green, December 2022. Photo... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 6 December 2022. Morning

Cold is expected this week, so I decide to go for a swim while there's still dew rather than frost in the grass. It's a couple or three degrees plus when I cycle to the river, and I wonder if the water will be warmer than the air. When I slip in to the silky... Continue Reading →

Sunday 22 May 2022. Evening

The swimming spot in the river Cam, Cambridge, May 2022. Photo by Jessica Zarins Went for a long swim this morning. So long I struggled to warm up on the cycle home. It felt incredible, to not be in a rush and to just follow the river. The rest of the day I spent in... Continue Reading →

Down to the river

On the day we learn that the most powerful nation on the planet – that was once hailed as the leader of the free world – are planning to withdraw 50 year old women's rights, I head to the water. My wild swimming has been irregular since the autumn, but this changes with today. I've... Continue Reading →

Monday 2 May. Morning

I saw a kingfisher on my walk in Coldham’s Common, and knew it would be a special day. The darting electric blue and brown belly you only see when it lands was unmistakable, and I thought this is the fourth kingfisher I’ve seen in the five years I’ve lived in Cambridge. And it was a... Continue Reading →

Cambridge for Ukraine

Today I went on a march for peace for and solidarity with Ukraine. It was organised by Ukrainian scholars and members of the public with the intention of raising awareness of the severity of the conflict, and collecting funds for the aid effort. It was a sunny day and felt great to be out. My... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 23 February 2022. Afternoon

Clicking Send, a new piece of writing I was asked to create for work is finally submitted. It was difficult to write, but I’m pleased with the final product. I managed to find a narrative between many different pieces of research, and hopefully it will be liked and published on the official website. It’s with... Continue Reading →

Cambridge midwinter

Moomintroll normally hibernates through the winter. Being full, warm, surrounded by loved ones and asleep is perhaps the ideal way to spend winter. But it was when he woke up and faced the winter that there was a story. Pre-sunrise winter morning on Coldham's Common, Cambridge. January 2022, photo by Jessica Zarins Moon in the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 6 October 2021. Evening

Walking home through the city from the pub, a bit tipsy and listening to esoteric music like Adiemus and Orinoco Flow, it feels like life may be returning to some kind of normality. I might be returning to some kind of life, some resemblance of youth. I've just been to see a friend, my best... Continue Reading →

Another an’ ‘nother round

Went to the Arts Picturehouse to see Another Round. It's cheaper on Mondays, and my membership has been extended because of Covid. It's been nearly a year since I was last in the cinema, to watch Tenet. And the trip to the cinema, and the film itself, made me happy with my commitment to celebrate... Continue Reading →

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