Wednesday 15.06.2022. Afternoon

After watching Life After Life, the TV adaptation of Kate Atkinson’s novel, I’ve been thinking about death and the circularity of time. I live in both the past and the future, as well as savouring the now. I’m back in Wendover for a couple of weeks. This means no swimming, but instead there’s the cat... Continue Reading →


I treated myself to the World of Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum for my birthday. I'd read a review that described it as 'emotional' and 'full of love' for the people whose story it tells. But I tried not to be too influenced by this when I went to see it. I made my... Continue Reading →

England’s loss

Like the person at the heart of a sad montage. The one who’s awake when everyone else is passed out around them, with bottles and cigarettes and torn one dollar bills strewn across the room. The one that lights a cigarette from the embers of last night’s fire, feeds vodka to the house plants before... Continue Reading →

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