Wednesday 15.06.2022. Afternoon

After watching Life After Life, the TV adaptation of Kate Atkinson’s novel, I’ve been thinking about death and the circularity of time. I live in both the past and the future, as well as savouring the now. I’m back in Wendover for a couple of weeks. This means no swimming, but instead there’s the cat... Continue Reading →

Monday 2 May. Morning

I saw a kingfisher on my walk in Coldham’s Common, and knew it would be a special day. The darting electric blue and brown belly you only see when it lands was unmistakable, and I thought this is the fourth kingfisher I’ve seen in the five years I’ve lived in Cambridge. And it was a... Continue Reading →

Wandering vanishing Wendover Woods

Tracks on path in Wendover Woods. May 2021, photo by Jessica Zarins I find myself in Wendover again. For the past five years I’ve been coming a few times a year to look after a sensitive cat when his human goes away. The village, the house, and of course the cat are all close to... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 18 May 2021. Morning

River Cam at Sheeps Green, Cambridge. Photo by Jessica Zarins, 18 May 2021 The river is full after the rains, and maybe 10 degrees. It will be the last time in a while that I swim in it, just as it’s getting addictive. Once a week isn’t quite enough anymore. It no longer makes me... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox

Spring time for Cambridge. Photo by Jessica Zarins, March 2021 A day of balance in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and night, the tilt of the planet, light and dark — all in perfect harmony for one spin around the axis. Personally I’m a bit off balance after last night’s zoom drinks. I’m preparing a new... Continue Reading →

Distancing: Day 36

Conversations and imaginings of how the lockdown will end have started floated around. How does it end, for it not to end in a new beginning of a new wave? Germany, Norway and Denmark, even parts of Spain, have started easing the rules. Parts of East Asia are returning to normal, while Singapore have had... Continue Reading →

Saturday 14 March 2020. Midday

Almost all the writing I've done lately has been to do with cancellation and refund policies. If the government closes the borders, what happens to my train ticket? If the government closes my school, what happens to my English test? Or I've been writing to check that people are okay. But surprisingly little of this.... Continue Reading →

New year, same me

Sunday 5 January 2020. Night   It’s the last night of the Christmas holiday. I’m in the spare bed in my parents’ flat in Uppsala. My alarm is set for 04:41, so I can catch the 05:26 train to the airport, and go home, and go to work. Sleep is impossible. I’ve had a three... Continue Reading →

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