The actual world

The actual world isn’t what it screens. I dream, I read, I write of the real world. Of nature and life and of being. The real world, I think, is waking up in the morning, in the outside, by the water and with the animals. One can live like this. Right here in Cambridge. But... Continue Reading →

The real world

The real world isn't what it screens. The real world is bird song from species you can't name; it's the fog your breath makes on Walpurgis Eve, the sun finally high enough at 7am to reflect the ripples of the river on the branches of the trees. Cows pooing while they fuck, spiders eating gnats... Continue Reading →

Saturday 27 April 2019. Midday

The tea brews slowly as storm Hannah rages outside. When I went into town earlier I wore my hat again. It's very different from Easter last weekend, where the temperature only dropped below 20ºC during hours of darkness. I spent the weekend at my cousin's in the countryside, walking on the hills, in the woods... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

It's shave your legs and paint your nails kind of weather. It's as if the air isn't just air; it's too full of sun warmth, bird song and green smell. Easter should be what marks the new year. It's the time of rebirth and renewal. I can mark it as my new year. My birthday... Continue Reading →

Friday 29 March 2019. Evening

Too early I wake up from a dream about the end of the world. In the kitchen I open my laptop to research new places to live. £600 for a room in shared house, all bills excluded. From home I cycle to work, one of the most prestigious and richest institutions in the world, where... Continue Reading →

Friday 1 March 2019. Morning

It's one of those mornings that is best suited for tea and a book in bed. It's the first day of spring, but after a week of unseasonable warmth and sunshine it feels like a return to winter. It's one month since my uncle's funeral, and two since he died. I have to get up... Continue Reading →


  17 February 2019. Been Cambridging today. It's sunny and warm and lovely and worrying for February. I began the day with coffee and a chocolate croissant from Aromi on Market Square. Then I went to Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on Downing Street. I had some cider and chips at the Granta before going... Continue Reading →

Speak from the Peaks

The days between Christmas and New Years are known in Swedish as 'mellandagarna' -- the middle days, or the in-between days. For this year's in-between days my parents have booked a cottage in the Peak District and planned a walking holiday. They ask me along and to drive the car they've rented, as they're still... Continue Reading →

Monday 03 December 2018. Midday

It’s lunchtime and I head to the brook for a walk. There was heavy rain over the weekend and the path is muddy. I do my best to navigate the puddles and sloshy earth, and minimise the mud splatter on my shoes and tights that I have to wear for the rest of the afternoon.... Continue Reading →

Forest’s Gold

We drive to Höör to find the Forest's Gold. We're a bit late in the season and too far south to find many chanterelles, but it's a good excuse to spend the day in the forest. It starts to rain on the way there, but the autumn trees are even more radiant in their crimson... Continue Reading →

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