Wandering vanishing Wendover Woods

Tracks on path in Wendover Woods. May 2021, photo by Jessica Zarins I find myself in Wendover again. For the past five years I’ve been coming a few times a year to look after a sensitive cat when his human goes away. The village, the house, and of course the cat are all close to... Continue Reading →

Monday 23 September 2019. Equinox

It smells like autumn outside, and it was dark when my alarm went off. By the time I leave for the river, it's just light enough to see colours. The kayak man is there for a swim too. We're friends now. I know his name and he knows mine. We chat as we swim, I... Continue Reading →

Saturday 27 April 2019. Midday

The tea brews slowly as storm Hannah rages outside. When I went into town earlier I wore my hat again. It's very different from Easter last weekend, where the temperature only dropped below 20ºC during hours of darkness. I spent the weekend at my cousin's in the countryside, walking on the hills, in the woods... Continue Reading →

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