How do you get rid of anger?

On my skin, in my dreams, and through my breath I start to see signs of repressed anger. It might actually be so repressed that I'm not entirely sure what I'm angry over. Which makes it very difficult to know how to unrepress it, let it out, and get rid of it. The main source... Continue Reading →

Sunday 6 February 2022. All day

I'm scared and sad because my father is in hospital. The blood around his heart is running slower than normal, which means he is at high risk of blood clots and a heart attack. It's been discovered very early, and he's receiving excellent care at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. Thanks to this discovery he... Continue Reading →


    True love is Tuesdays cutting toenails into the toilet bowl. True love is February when change is most wanted but least attainable. True love is seeing the beauty in the ugliest, in hanging in there and hanging out here. True love is four people in a small boat sailing into the unknown.  ... Continue Reading →

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