Wednesday 23 February 2022. Afternoon

Clicking Send, a new piece of writing I was asked to create for work is finally submitted. It was difficult to write, but I’m pleased with the final product. I managed to find a narrative between many different pieces of research, and hopefully it will be liked and published on the official website. It’s with... Continue Reading →

Sunday 6 February 2022. All day

I'm scared and sad because my father is in hospital. The blood around his heart is running slower than normal, which means he is at high risk of blood clots and a heart attack. It's been discovered very early, and he's receiving excellent care at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. Thanks to this discovery he... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 25 December 2018. Morning

Cambridge is frozen by the cold Christmas night and the absence of people. The moon is still high and almost still full, as white and bright as the crystallised trees, cobbles and colleges. It's not quite 8am when I enter Great St Mary's Church, and let the wooden pew warm before Holy Communion and the... Continue Reading →

Monday 10 December 2018. Night-morning

It's one of those nights where the tiredness can't defeat the adrenaline fuelled energy of my thoughts, and send me to sleep. Christmas songs spin on repeat and I think about my writing. What to write tomorrow, and whether what I wrote yesterday was good enough. My best writing always comes in that Aurora-state between... Continue Reading →

Fear and experience

My friends say: 'Jess, you know that film, He's Just Not That Into You?' My friends say: 'You can do better.' My friends say: 'What a bastard.' But they don't love you. They don't know that reason you were with me was for fear of being alone. They just think you're mean. But they don't know... Continue Reading →

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