Summer solstice

It’s the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and I’ve just finished what I know will be the best book of 2022: Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson. “You stroke each of the dogs’ heads and watch them cower at your gall. You’re descending at a hellish pace but there’s no fire... Continue Reading →


Hello Doctor. Hello Jessica. What seems to be the problem? I feel an existential dread and anxiety over life itself, while also fearing death; my own, my loved ones, the natural world's. I'm trapped in an abyss-like darkness of my own thinking and the inevitable decline and death of the planet and human society. Petrified... Continue Reading →

Writing dream

Last night I woke up around 1am from the strongest sensation of being rocketed up to the kosmos, and wanting to come back to earth to my body. I saw the circles of the universe and consciousness before and around me, twirling in patterns at light-speed, in a way that was impossible to control. Whether... Continue Reading →

Sunday 21 September. Morning

It's warm but it's cloudy. The birds sing as I drink my tea in the garden. I don't need sunglasses, or a jumper. Soon I will go inside and start writing. I think I've solved the pacing problems in chapter 3 of the novella. But who knows, maybe it's all terrible. I'm hoping to continue... Continue Reading →


His name goes green on Google chat. He won't see mine, it's too far down. Despite the anger and the hate, my god I miss him.   hi Hi! are you there ? or are you just someone I used to dream of What do you mean? do you exist Well yeah! i exist too... Continue Reading →

Whuthering Heights

I've always been a Jane Eyre person. When I first read Whuthering Heights I could tell it was the superior novel, but emotionally I've always felt more connected to Jane – a caged bird of a 'free human being with an independent will'. Whatever interpretations I've read of it, from The Wide Sargasso Sea to the short story... Continue Reading →

Orenthal James

He transcended race when everyone else was black or was white he was neither and both the Man and a Brother. Athlete and actor, husband and father; handsomely faced, handsomely paid was worshipped on the altar of fame, his high fall heightened by the Dream he personified and his crash landing softened by the Movement... Continue Reading →

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