On purpose

I made a new friend while swimming in the English Channel in my underwear at 2:22 am. We know this not because we were sober and paying attention, but because the sea water broke his watch at the exact time he entered it. Like me, he is a seeker, but I still don't know if... Continue Reading →

Monday 2 May. Morning

I saw a kingfisher on my walk in Coldham’s Common, and knew it would be a special day. The darting electric blue and brown belly you only see when it lands was unmistakable, and I thought this is the fourth kingfisher I’ve seen in the five years I’ve lived in Cambridge. And it was a... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

It's shave your legs and paint your nails kind of weather. It's as if the air isn't just air; it's too full of sun warmth, bird song and green smell. Easter should be what marks the new year. It's the time of rebirth and renewal. I can mark it as my new year. My birthday... Continue Reading →

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