Monday 22 March 2021. Evening

A sunny morning, a grey day, an apricot-grapefruit-watermelon evening. A friend sent a link to Lana Del Rey's new album, and I listened to it three times in a row. It's hard not to feel melancholy from the retro- and introspective tracks sung in the fragile soprano of youth, but with the echoes of the... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 16 February 2021. Evening

For Valentine's, my sister made me a profile on her new Disney+ account. In the 48 hours since then, I've watched the live action version of Lady and the Tramp four times. Plus a few of my favourite bits in bed before going to sleep. It's not like I'm addicted or anything, I swear I... Continue Reading →

Thursday purpose

Frozen February sunrise, Cambridge, 2021 photo by Jessica Zarins I'm getting seriously sick of lockdown. And I really shouldn't have espresso with post-dinner profiteroles when it's not at a restaurant that I have to leave and can walk off before I try and sleep. After a few weeks of good sleep the old ghosts reappeared... Continue Reading →

Thursday 14 January 2021. Pheasants

Halfway through the first twelfth of the year. Grey and wet, in the ground and in the air, in case we forget. A Moomintroll-like melancholy seeps its way through the house, infecting us all, like a slow, local pandemic that takes root wherever there's life. We build obstacle courses and give ourselves war paint in... Continue Reading →

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