Sunday 8 December 2019. Afternoon

There's a bridge in London between two different kingdoms. One is magically imaginary, the other is brick cold reality. Crossing bridge over the lake in St James's Park, to the east you can hint the rooftops of a city in a another world; Minas Tirith perhaps, or a city yet unnamed and there for you... Continue Reading →

Monday 19 August 2019. Evening

My legs ache after the delayed flight. The train journey home is long but direct, and when it passes through London I instinctively start looking for him. The vast buildings of Canary Warf make me feel small already at a distance. I'm wearing colourful clothes, bought at festivals and flea markets, and I know I'm... Continue Reading →

Saturday 23 March 2019. Morning

An Uncle and Auntie are visiting from Sweden. We stayed with them in January before the funeral, now they've come for a Cambridge weekend. We will go punting and visit Kettle's Yard and the colleges. We will not go to London. Family time is important this weekend. Last week, while I was on holiday in... Continue Reading →

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