Belong by not belonging

I went sailing in Sweden. My sister took me to waters and landscapes from when we were children. I wished those who never truly saw me could see me there; in my element, my environment. Perhaps they would understand more about me then. Perhaps I could understand more about myself there. I returned to Cambridge... Continue Reading →

Friday 29 March 2019. Evening

Too early I wake up from a dream about the end of the world. In the kitchen I open my laptop to research new places to live. £600 for a room in shared house, all bills excluded. From home I cycle to work, one of the most prestigious and richest institutions in the world, where... Continue Reading →

Saturday 2 March. Afternoon

I went to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. In the Polar Worlds room, one section dealt with explorers who got lost looking for the North West Passage, or during the race to the South Pole. Young visitors were asked to contribute with reflections of when they felt most lost. To me, it was the most... Continue Reading →

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