Saturday 28 May 2022. Midday

Having avoided writing and exercise – things that make me feel good – all morning, I eventually sit down in the garden to feel a bit shit about myself. Sometimes my fear of failing is so deep and complex that I think it's actually success that I fear more: starting something, working hard and then... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 6 October 2021. Evening

Walking home through the city from the pub, a bit tipsy and listening to esoteric music like Adiemus and Orinoco Flow, it feels like life may be returning to some kind of normality. I might be returning to some kind of life, some resemblance of youth. I've just been to see a friend, my best... Continue Reading →

Monday 22 March 2021. Evening

A sunny morning, a grey day, an apricot-grapefruit-watermelon evening. A friend sent a link to Lana Del Rey's new album, and I listened to it three times in a row. It's hard not to feel melancholy from the retro- and introspective tracks sung in the fragile soprano of youth, but with the echoes of the... Continue Reading →

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