Monday 12 September 2022. Evening

It's nearly 24 hours since the polls closed in Sweden for the 2022 General Election. With almost all votes counted, it seems that the right of centre coalition, with the support of the far-right party the Sweden Democrats (SD), will have a parliamentary majority of one seat. The votes that haven't yet been counted include... Continue Reading →

Monday 24 January 2022. Evening

Three dresses on the bed, in ascending level of fanciness. The one on the right might be a bit much with its glitter and semi-puffed shoulder pads. It's only a birthday dinner, after all, not quite a 'party'. But it is the first birthday celebration I've been invited to outside of this house in two... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 19 January 2022. Evening

I'm thinking of moving to the coast. It might be remote and isolated from everything and everyone I know, but maybe I'll meet someone. Make a friend. Even if it's just myself. Or the sea. But maybe it's not right, I'm not sure. Sweden is upping its defence presence on the island of Gotland, in... Continue Reading →

Distancing: Day 79

I've stayed away from the news as much as I can, and escaped through books and films from the past, where people can hug and punch and travel however they like. This has led to a form of inner peace, a bubble of me and mine and now, where I can concentrate on my writing,... Continue Reading →

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