Tuesday 2/Wednesday 3 February 2021. Night

I wake from a dream with my heart pounding so loudly I think I'll wake the neighbours. I'd dreamt about the house where I grew up, in Katrineholm, Sweden. I was preparing for work, my current work from home, like so many others. But a boy kept appearing outside, a young teenager; the age I... Continue Reading →

Thursday 7 February 2019. Night

There are certain things I know about myself: My surname means branches. My family comes from Latvia, but I was born and raised in Sweden. The family is build up of five brothers, and their families. I want to be a writer. My mother and father love me, and will always be there for me.... Continue Reading →

Monday 10 December 2018. Night-morning

It's one of those nights where the tiredness can't defeat the adrenaline fuelled energy of my thoughts, and send me to sleep. Christmas songs spin on repeat and I think about my writing. What to write tomorrow, and whether what I wrote yesterday was good enough. My best writing always comes in that Aurora-state between... Continue Reading →

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