Cambridge midwinter

Moomintroll normally hibernates through the winter. Being full, warm, surrounded by loved ones and asleep is perhaps the ideal way to spend winter. But it was when he woke up and faced the winter that there was a story. Pre-sunrise winter morning on Coldham's Common, Cambridge. January 2022, photo by Jessica Zarins Moon in the... Continue Reading →

“Harvesting of timber” – I think you mean “deforestation”

Forestry England notice after so-called ‘harvesting of timber’ in Wendover Woods. May 2021, photo by Jessica Zarins Path where there were once trees. May 2021, photo by Jessica Zarins Timber harvest in Wendover Woods. May 2021, photo by Jessica Zarins The only way to find out how old a tree is, is to kill it.... Continue Reading →

Wandering vanishing Wendover Woods

Tracks on path in Wendover Woods. May 2021, photo by Jessica Zarins I find myself in Wendover again. For the past five years I’ve been coming a few times a year to look after a sensitive cat when his human goes away. The village, the house, and of course the cat are all close to... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 18 May 2021. Morning

River Cam at Sheeps Green, Cambridge. Photo by Jessica Zarins, 18 May 2021 The river is full after the rains, and maybe 10 degrees. It will be the last time in a while that I swim in it, just as it’s getting addictive. Once a week isn’t quite enough anymore. It no longer makes me... Continue Reading →

The actual world

The actual world isn’t what it screens. I dream, I read, I write of the real world. Of nature and life and of being. The real world, I think, is waking up in the morning, in the outside, by the water and with the animals. One can live like this. Right here in Cambridge. But... Continue Reading →

The real world

The real world isn't what it screens. The real world is bird song from species you can't name; it's the fog your breath makes on Walpurgis Eve, the sun finally high enough at 7am to reflect the ripples of the river on the branches of the trees. Cows pooing while they fuck, spiders eating gnats... Continue Reading →

Saturday 2 March. Afternoon

I went to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. In the Polar Worlds room, one section dealt with explorers who got lost looking for the North West Passage, or during the race to the South Pole. Young visitors were asked to contribute with reflections of when they felt most lost. To me, it was the most... Continue Reading →


  17 February 2019. Been Cambridging today. It's sunny and warm and lovely and worrying for February. I began the day with coffee and a chocolate croissant from Aromi on Market Square. Then I went to Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on Downing Street. I had some cider and chips at the Granta before going... Continue Reading →

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