Poopy phone

I dropped my phone into the loo. Beyond repair, all was lost. Three years of photos, texts and memories; the current latest message, pic and tune sent from an ex in anger on what I guess was one bad day. Not even drunk, since I'm not drinking because of issues with my heart, from stress... Continue Reading →


I lent my book and got a review. Not what I wanted back.   I'm fasting now, away from all temptation. The reward, they say, is bigger than the vice. Bigger than the satisfaction of sugar, booze or cock. Instead I'll get the silence, peace and confidence to build myself a temple.   I try... Continue Reading →

20-21 July 1969. Night

I want I want Put a man on the moon in this here decade not because it is easy but because it is hard. I want to be best because it is hard and because that I can. I want I want Make the impossible done to bring her back land the eagle and reach... Continue Reading →


    True love is Tuesdays cutting toenails into the toilet bowl. True love is February when change is most wanted but least attainable. True love is seeing the beauty in the ugliest, in hanging in there and hanging out here. True love is four people in a small boat sailing into the unknown.  ... Continue Reading →


His name goes green on Google chat. He won't see mine, it's too far down. Despite the anger and the hate, my god I miss him.   hi Hi! are you there ? or are you just someone I used to dream of What do you mean? do you exist Well yeah! i exist too... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Poem

  A true story.   A girl at work asked for my help to write a poem for Val'tine's Day.   I asked her what she had so far? A bit unsure she gave me this:   'Roses are red Violets are blue You can cum on my face 'cause I love you!'   I... Continue Reading →

Through the snow

  I arrived and all the land was covered in snow. Snow is easier to walk through if someone has walked it before you. You want so much but there is no time, only now, and the world is black and white. White crystals lie like death over the branches. Branches are family, weighed down... Continue Reading →

Fear and experience

My friends say: 'Jess, you know that film, He's Just Not That Into You?' My friends say: 'You can do better.' My friends say: 'What a bastard.' But they don't love you. They don't know that reason you were with me was for fear of being alone. They just think you're mean. But they don't know... Continue Reading →

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