Monday 12 September 2022. Evening

It's nearly 24 hours since the polls closed in Sweden for the 2022 General Election. With almost all votes counted, it seems that the right of centre coalition, with the support of the far-right party the Sweden Democrats (SD), will have a parliamentary majority of one seat. The votes that haven't yet been counted include... Continue Reading →

Tuesday 19 January 2022. Evening

I'm thinking of moving to the coast. It might be remote and isolated from everything and everyone I know, but maybe I'll meet someone. Make a friend. Even if it's just myself. Or the sea. But maybe it's not right, I'm not sure. Sweden is upping its defence presence on the island of Gotland, in... Continue Reading →

England’s loss

Like the person at the heart of a sad montage. The one who’s awake when everyone else is passed out around them, with bottles and cigarettes and torn one dollar bills strewn across the room. The one that lights a cigarette from the embers of last night’s fire, feeds vodka to the house plants before... Continue Reading →

Distancing: Day 30

It's been a month. No wonder it's starting to feel normal. Writing about sea travel, looking at nautical charts of the North Sea, measuring distances and avoiding shallows. Sleeping better at night. I think I will find it hard to go back to the old normal when this is over.   In world news, Trump... Continue Reading →

Thursday 12 December 2019. Election Day

Today's the day. Your voice counts. Your vote is as loud as theirs. Today you are all equal, on the day of promises before reality. Today is the first day of the next five years, where nature, species, food, water and fresh air will continue to run out. Please vote today. For those of us... Continue Reading →

Thursday 23 May 2019. Evening

What will proportionate representation bring? For me and for you, for mine and for yours. I've hopes and I've fears and I've only one vote, cast like the Ring into Mount Doom to melt into others and become something else to dissolve and lose shape and its power. For only in hand does it mean... Continue Reading →

The actual world

The actual world isn’t what it screens. I dream, I read, I write of the real world. Of nature and life and of being. The real world, I think, is waking up in the morning, in the outside, by the water and with the animals. One can live like this. Right here in Cambridge. But... Continue Reading →

Saturday 27 April 2019. Midday

The tea brews slowly as storm Hannah rages outside. When I went into town earlier I wore my hat again. It's very different from Easter last weekend, where the temperature only dropped below 20ºC during hours of darkness. I spent the weekend at my cousin's in the countryside, walking on the hills, in the woods... Continue Reading →

Friday 29 March 2019. Evening

Too early I wake up from a dream about the end of the world. In the kitchen I open my laptop to research new places to live. £600 for a room in shared house, all bills excluded. From home I cycle to work, one of the most prestigious and richest institutions in the world, where... Continue Reading →

Saturday 23 March 2019. Morning

An Uncle and Auntie are visiting from Sweden. We stayed with them in January before the funeral, now they've come for a Cambridge weekend. We will go punting and visit Kettle's Yard and the colleges. We will not go to London. Family time is important this weekend. Last week, while I was on holiday in... Continue Reading →

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