The entropy of anxiety

Bo Burnham and Sally Rooney are both a few years younger than me, and more talented brilliant and successful than me. But they both seem to suffer many of the same anxieties as me, as our entire generation. Natural and ecological decline, economic hardships, and political uncertainty have been the backdrop to the millennial coming... Continue Reading →

Thursday purpose

Frozen February sunrise, Cambridge, 2021 photo by Jessica Zarins I'm getting seriously sick of lockdown. And I really shouldn't have espresso with post-dinner profiteroles when it's not at a restaurant that I have to leave and can walk off before I try and sleep. After a few weeks of good sleep the old ghosts reappeared... Continue Reading →

Distancing: Day 26

Last year, for my 31st birthday, a friend gave me a book of 30 essays on travelling, called Hot to Travel. With the book ha gave me the challenge of writing the 31st essay myself, for the corresponding birthday. I finished the book, and wrote my own essay on it, the day before my 32nd... Continue Reading →

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