Thursday 05 May, evening. Visit from a traveller

A travelling craftsman is staying in my house while they work at a fair nearby. We share stories in the evenings over food and wine, and discuss the state of the world over tea and chocolate. The traveller is from an Eastern European country which gets headlines in the west for its far-right, pro-Putin ideology,... Continue Reading →

The virginal

Sivota Bay, Lefkas. Tuesday 24 August 2021, afternoon Spending time with my parents for the first time in nine months is comfortable, safe and relaxing in a childlike way. My mother pays for lunch, my father pays for dinner. When there are sounds outside the boat at night, my father goes up to check. When... Continue Reading →

News: Branches root in Epoch Press

"Some of the seeds in the bottom of the birdfeeder have sprouted, and little grasses have grown inside the plastic tube-shaped dispenser. How is that even possible without any soil? I look closer and see that the mouldy sludge at the bottom of the tube has formed some kind of nutrient base, enough for the... Continue Reading →

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