Snow over King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, December 2022. Photo by Jessica Zarins It snowed. It stayed. It melted and refroze and snowed some more. Nature reminded us she’s still here. Have faith, have hope. Live with her, and fight for her. Swimmers and kayaker in the river Cam by Sheeps Green, December 2022. Photo... Continue Reading →

Cambridge midwinter

Moomintroll normally hibernates through the winter. Being full, warm, surrounded by loved ones and asleep is perhaps the ideal way to spend winter. But it was when he woke up and faced the winter that there was a story. Pre-sunrise winter morning on Coldham's Common, Cambridge. January 2022, photo by Jessica Zarins Moon in the... Continue Reading →

Thursday 11 March 2021. Evening

Have had to take a break from writing. Make time for long bedtime routines and sleeps. When weather and work allow I’m outside. Eating lots, but healthily. In the final throes of winter I feed and rest and thrive; building myself ready for spring.

Monday 25 January 2021. Morning

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, 25 January 2021. Photo by Jessica Zarins It’s light in Cambridge at seven thirty in the morning now. Today is a particularly good day to experience it; crisp, cold and clear you notice every photon making its way through the universe. The grass, the mud, the stone and the asphalt are... Continue Reading →

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