Wednesday 23 February 2022. Afternoon

Clicking Send, a new piece of writing I was asked to create for work is finally submitted. It was difficult to write, but I’m pleased with the final product. I managed to find a narrative between many different pieces of research, and hopefully it will be liked and published on the official website. It’s with... Continue Reading →

Thursday 10 February 2022. Noon

It's lunch time on Thursday, and I've had four weeks of thoughts, feelings and events condensed into four days. Work isn't going well this morning; I'm just watching the Olympics and avoiding emails. Noon hits, and in one second I've Ctrl+Alt+Deleted my laptop shut and am heading downstairs hungry, tired and grumpy. Only cheese can... Continue Reading →

Distancing: Day 1

I've had a headache on and off for a week. Have I caught the virus? Social distancing shouldn't be hard for a Swede. But I wake up with bite marks in my cheeks from clenching. Today is the first day of an unknown length of time, triggered by the Prime Minister last night. Stay at... Continue Reading →

Monday 27 January 2020. Evening

Keep going, you can do it. It's dark and it's wet and it's expensive and it's hard, but you can do it. In China the new year begins now. You're strong, and you're able, and you've done this before. Keep moving, stay strong. But don't forget to see the beauty.

New year, same me

Sunday 5 January 2020. Night   It’s the last night of the Christmas holiday. I’m in the spare bed in my parents’ flat in Uppsala. My alarm is set for 04:41, so I can catch the 05:26 train to the airport, and go home, and go to work. Sleep is impossible. I’ve had a three... Continue Reading →

Monday 24 June 2019. Afternoon

Bringing your whole self into work Someone told me that people should bring their whole selves into work. Rather than just bringing part of ourselves and our capacity, we should bring all aspects of ourselves – hobbies, dreams, families – to work, and make work part of life, and life part of work. This is... Continue Reading →

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