Cambridge for Ukraine

Today I went on a march for peace for and solidarity with Ukraine. It was organised by Ukrainian scholars and members of the public with the intention of raising awareness of the severity of the conflict, and collecting funds for the aid effort. It was a sunny day and felt great to be out. My quarter Ukrainian friend Will and his partner were there as well, along with another couple of hundred Cambridge residents, so it all felt rather lovely.

Cambridge March for Ukraine on King’s Parade. Photo by Jessica Zarins, March 2022

There were several speeches at the end from Ukrainian scholars at Cambridge, the director of the centre for Ukrainian studies, the local councillor, a union representative, and Ukrainians desperately waiting for news about their families. It was beautiful and painful in the warm spring sun.

Speeches at the end of the March at Castle Hill. Photo by Jessica Zarins 2022

Straight afterwards I went to the super market and bought toiletries, medicine and sanitary products to be sent to the front. At my work there is a collection waiting to be sent to the border. I can’t imagine anything worse than fleeing my home and leaving family, friends, work and life behind, and having to worry about blood stains on my trousers at the same time. I can’t stop the war, but hopefully I can help a Ukrainian sister be more comfortable for a couple of days.

Outside the Cambridge University’s Centre for Ukrainian Studies, about to start the march. Photo by Jessica Zarins, March 2022

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